Librarians, institutions and researchers comprised in Germany’s nationwide Projekt DEAL consortium now have a new resource to help them take full advantage of the open access publishing and expanded reading access made possible by the DEAL agreements.

The new DEAL Operations website, launched today by MPDL Services GmbH, offers practical information, updates and support to successfully implement the transformative agreements negotiated by Projekt DEAL and enable a sustainable, fair and efficient transition of scholarly journal publishing to open access.

DEAL Operations for Librarians

Librarians are key to the successful implementation of the DEAL agreement at the hundreds of science sites in Germany. The DEAL Operations website provides librarians and information professionals with the tools, information, and support they need to deliver the open access publishing and reading opportunities secured with the DEAL agreements to their authors and successfully navigate the open access transformation. Learn more

DEAL Operations for Researchers

Thanks to the transformative nationwide DEAL agreements, authors affiliated with more than 900 DEAL institutions across Germany can publish their articles openly in thousands of high quality, peer-reviewed journals across all disciplines, without having to pay open access publishing fees. Researchers can find all they need to know to take advantage of this opportunity on the DEAL Operations website—also in English. Learn more

DEAL Operations for research administrators and other stakeholders

The nationwide DEAL agreements restructure the financial streams around scholarly journal publishing to enable open publication of German research. Making peer-reviewed articles by German scholars openly available fosters excellence in research and accelerates the advancement of science. The DEAL Operations website provides key insights into how the DEAL approach creates financial efficiencies and drives innovation in the system of scholarly journal publishing to improve the research process and accelerate the advancement of science. Learn more


About Projekt DEAL
The German Rectors’ Conference was tasked by the Alliance of German Science Organizations to institute Projekt DEAL to negotiate nationwide transformative “publish and read” agreements with the largest commercial publishers of scholarly journals on behalf of all German academic institutions including universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutions, state and regional libraries. The DEAL transformative agreements empower every scholar in Germany with the opportunity to retain copyright over their scholarly articles, the freedom to publish them in the trusted journals of their choice, and the means to do so openly to maximize their global visibility and impact.

About MPDL Services GmbH
MPDL Services GmbH acts as the contractual partner for Projekt DEAL, a project within the “Digital Information” priority initiative of the Alliance of Science Organizations in Germany. As a member of the Alliance of Science Organizations in Germany, and following approval granted by the federal and state governments represented in the Joint Science Conference (Gemeinsame Wissenschaftskonferenz, GWK), the Max Planck Society established MPDL Services GmbH, an affiliate of the Max Planck Digital Library, as the “DEAL Operating Entity” and 100% subsidiary of the Society, specifically to act as the contracting party for the DEAL agreements and to facilitate implementation of the agreements among German institutions.