The Wiley agreement, signed on 15 January 2019, is the first transformative agreement negotiated by Projekt DEAL.

Scholars and scientists affiliated with German institutions publish nearly 10,000 research articles in Wiley journals each year, making it the third-most relevant publisher for Germany in terms of output volume. Through this agreement, this significant portion of German research can now be published immediately open access.

Agreement highlights

  • The Wiley hybrid journal portfolio includes more than 1,400 subscription journals in which authors affiliated with German institutions may now publish their articles openly.

  • Institutions gain unlimited access for their readers to current and back issues (dating back to 1997) of the entire Wiley journal portfolio and perpetual access is secured for the German research community through DEAL’s purchase of archival rights.

  • The cost of open access publishing and reading access in subscription journals are covered by repurposing former subscription fees via DEAL’s transitional “publish and read” cost model, in the per-article amount negotiated of Euro 2750.

  • The agreement also secures a 20% discount on list Article Processing Charges (APCs) of more than 230 fully open access journals.

  • Fourth-year extension

  • Fifth-year extension

Formalize your institution’s participation in the Wiley agreement

Authors affiliated with the over 1,000 DEAL institutions across Germany automatically benefit from the open access publishing rights of the DEAL-Wiley agreement, but each institution must formally register through DEAL’s operational arm, MPDL Services gGmbH, in order to deliver access to the full online journal portfolio to their readers.

Find out how to expand your readers’ access to high-quality journal content and support authors in openly publishing their research through the DEAL agreements here (German language only).