MPDL Services has published the consolidated article lists for the publication year 2021.

According to these lists, 27,108 research articles from German institutions were published under DEAL contracts, including 21,295 in hybrid, and 5,813 in open access journals. The article list contains the DOI and cost information for publications billed under the contracts, and can be downloaded as an Excel document on the respective contract pages.

Progress in 2021
The positive effects of the DEAL agreements were confirmed again in 2021. Not only does the share of freely available research results from Germany continue to increase as a result of DEAL, it is also evident that they are being used millions of times worldwide. In addition, the DEAL contracts have massively improved access to quality-controlled journals for researchers and students in Germany by granting all of the approximately 500 actively participating institutions equally extensive reading rights for closed access content. The strong increase in the number of downloads from German institutions proves that an existing need has been met.

Information on these and other key figures on the performance of DEAL contracts can be found in the infographic "Facts and figures of DEAL agreements 2021".