Evaluating the costs and impact of transformative agreements

In order to budget for the open access publishing-based costs of the DEAL agreements (as opposed to subscription-based costs) and, more generally, evaluate the financial impact of the DEAL transformative agreements, libraries in Germany need to have a complete overview of their publishing profile and the related cost trends—something not fully tracked in most libraries.

To help libraries easily gain such insight, the Max Planck Digital Library presents the DEAL Cost Modeling tool.

The DEAL Cost Modeling Tool is an interactive, Excel-based tool that incorporates industry-standard bibliographic and financial data with a robust methodology to give every library the ability to calculate their total costs with the publishers Wiley and Springer Nature, automatically.

With the Tool’s input and setting options, users can generate custom projections to assess long-term savings, or funding requirements needed to support their authors in the transition of scholarly publishing to open access and compare their projected costs under the conditions secured with the DEAL agreements, with potential costs under the previous subscription-based system and other scenarios.

Accompanying this, the discussion paper "The DEAL Cost Modeling Tool: A Practical Contribution for Evaluating the Impact and Costs of Transformative Open Access Publishing Agreements", which summarizes the key approaches, visualizations, and findings from the tool.

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